From: Lighter Side of Real Estate

By: Lighter Side Staff

It’s been said that sheds are the answer to men’s ailments. But why should men have all the sheds? Every woman deserves a shed of her own — somewhere to retreat for some solitude, to create or grow, to write or paint, or just to enjoy the view.

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From: Popsugar

By: Angela Elias

If you're dying to refresh your space but don't have the funds to buy everything on your wish list, try your hand at a few DIYs. The best projects are easy enough to tackle over the weekend but polished enough to masquerade as store-bought pieces. We've gathered a list of our favorite Fall-ready home projects that won't dip into your morning PSL budget.

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From: Design*Sponge

By: Lauren Chorpening

Caroline and John started searching for a new home in the Angel neighborhood of London three years ago. They lived in a flat in Angel at the time, and because of the easy access to London’s Financial District where Caroline and John both work, they wanted to find a house in the same neighborhood. But the search was much more exhausting than they expected. “I had pretty much put a bid in (above asking price) on every home in the area and still managed to lose out. The market was going crazy,” Caroline remembers. By expanding their search radius by 500 meters (or about 1/3 mile), more options appeared. From the doorstep of a house they were touring in the Newington Green neighborhood, the couple saw a Victorian terraced house with a “for sale” sign out front. They were instantly drawn to the house and knew it was finally the one they could call home with their children, Jack and Annabelle.

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From: Katy Elliot

At the top of my renovation list to get done before baby is to have the floors stripped on the second floor of our house. The floors are all original wide plank, painted in an assortment of creams and browns.

I don’t know the best process to remove the paint and when I bring it up with Greg he gets frustrated and complains that the floors will be ruined and loose their character if I have them sanded. I realize it was common to have painted floors back in the day and it’s only recently become fashionable to have them stripped to just wood.

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From: Young House Love

By: Sherry Petersik

Since sharing this round-up back in 2009 and an one from 2012, we’ve been getting quite a few requests for an updated breakdown of the household cleaners and personal care products we’re using to keep our home (and bodies!) clean these days. We do our best to keep our collections of soaps and cleaners pretty simple and streamlined (including my makeup, which all fits into a bag the size of a pencil case) because less stuff = more money, more time, and more space. So if you’re looking for a few ideas on what you might be able to cut out or simplify, hopefully this quick little post will give you some ideas

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